MOM माँ

When you look at your mother,you are looking at the purest love you will ever know❤️❤️ ~Mitch Albom

Mothers are angels in form of human.The pure love,care and concern a mother has for her child is incomparable to any other relation and I feel to be sincerely blessed to be daughter of a woman who is an epitome of grace,elegance,beauty, compassion and innocence.Mothers are always beautiful and my mother is beautiful in every sense…A lady with beautiful heart,beautiful mind and beautiful soul.

A well educated woman(university topper in her post graduation 💎),she is a multi talented.A wonderful table tennis player,graceful dancer,a swimming champion,a very creative mind who is excellent in all craft works.She is my inspiration always.

Her knowledge about ayurveda,food basic principles and nutrition is one of main reason for my good health.I completely owe my good health to my mother.

I have always been a very talkative girl and I have memories of telling each and every incidence of my school/college life to her and she will listen to it all without any judgements and many a times when it was not very comfortable for her,she conveyed her disagreement in a very loving and understanding manner.

When I flew out of the best for the first time,as much as broken hearted she might be,she never interfered in my life.She gave me adequate space and great advice whenever I needed.She kept this very difficult balance in a very positive manner of being always there for me,for loving me and my family unconditionally and keeping her distance too.

I have never seen her following any religious rituals and at the same time have never seen anyone who has such a deep faith in existence of God.She is not religious but deeply spiritual who believes in Supreme Power of God and Pure Heart❤️🙏❤️

She is simple,elegant,innocent,very cheerful and a person with full of life attitude.

I can never describe or potray my love,my gratitude for her.Whatever I am today is because of her.

God bless her with best of health and lots of happiness always.

Her needs. His needs

Relationships can be most complex at times of we try hard to fit in or are easiest,if we are at natural best and are heartily involved.

In relationships,people often want same things,however they end up taking different routes to achieve their goals.

Let’s talk about what are ‘her’ needs in a relationship

Almost every girl/woman needs primarily is to be heard and understood.She wants him to understand her emotional messages more than her verbal messages.When disturbed,she needs to vent out and wants her man to be there.She needs a lending ear and a presence that makes her feel comfortable.

Woman loves compliments but those who are genuine,coming directly from heart and are not too sugary(she will know it..remember that)

Women appreciate when men give him glimpse of his softer side..his fears,his vulnerability and apprehensions.Women want to feel emotionally bound to their partner.

Woman want to feel that you are on his mind and small gestures and reminders that make her heart happy.

She needs her man to respect her,be gentle with her,attentive,caring and soft with his words.

What ‘Man’ want in relationship.

Man need to feel respect and have attention of his woman.

Man want emotionally mature partner who can communicate clearly and with respect.He needs a partner who instead of reacting immaturely ,understand and clearly communicate about disagreement maturely.

Female having a good sense of humour and a witty mind is always a turn on for man

Man need to feel special.Just like women,men need to be praised for his looks his efforts,his sense of humour,his care.It positively impact their confidence.

As women connect better through art of communication,men connect better through little gestures of physical intimacy.Holding hands,hugging each other makes them connect better to their partner.

Men wants his woman to be his safe space.He wants a woman whom he can be vulnerable with and still be emotionally close with.He actually needs her heart.

No relationship in this world is perfect.The key to happy relationship is focus on all positives of your partner.